General Information

1) What is the Chamber of Commerce?

The Majors Bay Chamber of Commerce is a non for profit incorporated association which has the following objectives:

  • promote the Majors Bay Road commercial percent;
  • promote the retail and business services along Majors Bay Road;
  • work with City of Canada Bay Council in promoting the general well-being of the area;
  • making representations on behalf of its members in relation to issues that affect them, for example, footpaths, parking and signage issues;
  • business referral and networking

2)  Who can become a member of the Chamber of Commerce?

Anybody who has an interest in Majors Bay Road and the business precinct can join including employees, shop owners and landlords. Those who wish to make a contribution to the aims and objectives of the association is welcome to join.

3) How much does it cost to join?

For twelve months it costs $75.00.

4) How do I join the Chamber of Commerce?

Click here and fill in the application form. At the next committee meeting the application will be considered and will then write to you confirming whether or not your application has been accepted.